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Basic issues
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Open rules platform of Irish Dancing Net.
The constitution of IDN defines the organisational foundations of the network. It regulates the co-operation of the members and the definition of standards. Rules necessary for legal reasons due to laws in force at the seat of IDN in Germany are included as well.
The definition of difficulty or performance levels of solo dancing marks out the frame for performance requirements in examinations and competitions. IDN uses the following performance levels:
  • Basic Level - Bun Grád
  • Primary Level - Tús Grád
  • Main Level - Meán Grád
  • Open Level - Ard Grád
The examination rules provide general standards for dancer graduation and for group head and adjudicator certification.
IDN provides for the following dancer grades:
  1. Beginner Dancer [I.B.D.]
  2. Novice Dancer [I.N.D.]
  3. Intermediate Dancer [I.I.D.]
  4. Advanced Dancer [I.A.D.]
  5. Regarded Dancer [I.R.D.]
  6. Expert Dancer [I.E.D.]
  7. Champion Dancer [I.C.D.]
  8. Master Dancer [I.M.D.]
IDN provides for the following teaching and adjudication entitlements:
  • Dance Trainer - Lámhadóir le Rince Gaelach [L.R.G.]
  • Dance Instructor - Oide le Rince Gaelach [O.R.G.]
  • Dance Teacher - Teagascóir le Rince Gaelach [T.R.G.]
  • Dance Master - Máistir le Rince Gaelach [M.R.G.]
  • Adjudicator - Giúróir le Rince Gaelach [G.R.G.]
The competition rules provide general standards for organising of and participating in competitions and for adjudicating dancers.
Irish Folk
The centre of attention is the dance, not the business with it!
Freedom of access
IDN competitions are open to all, independent of school and organisation membership.
Freedom of choice
IDN group heads allow their dancers free choice of teacher and renounce transfer rules.
Freedom of usage
IDN choreographies are allowed to be used freely, in so far as the purpose is not predominantly financial gain. Dance is free!
The IDN view on dancing is based on the entire Irish dancing tradition. Modern mixing with other dance forms is regarded as legitimate; however it is strictly distinguished from traditional Irish dance.
Scientific rigour
The IDN standards for dance, examinations and competitions are based on historical facts and scientific analysis.
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