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Termination of the organisation
Based on the vote on 3-17 November 2012 the organisation "Irish Dancing Network" was terminated according § 25 of the constitution with effect from 18 November 2012. The resolution was met with 100% of all members having participated. Thus also all memberships expire.
We had got the best constitution. We had got the greatest freedom for the members and the dancers. We had got the best set of rules. We had got the best prices at feiseanna. We had got the best membership fees, that is none at all. We had got the best training for teachers and dancers.
But all of this is obviously unimportant and uninteresting - no need for it. I yield to reality.
I will continue IDN now as private project, as proposal, how it can be done, if one appreciates such unimportant thing. Perhaps, one day, it still will become something.
Due to the fact that the forum was practically not used anymore and thus not needed, it is closed hereby.
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